Selecting Music for Your Wedding.    

August 23 2017 by Patrick Stefurak

Selecting the songs for your wedding deserves careful planning and communication with your future spouse.  These songs will become cherished memories that enhance your marriage. You can choose music for your ceremony, dinner at the reception, and after-dinner dance music.

For your ceremony, you will want songs for the wedding party processional to join the grom at the alter, a song for the bride to walk up the isle, and a recessional to celebrate the new union of the couple as they exit with the wedding party.  If you have a mid-ceremony event such as a candle-lighting, glass-breaking or hand-fasting, you will want special music for that as well.

Traditional Christian weddings have Pachelbel's Canon in D for the bridal party processional, the Bridal Chorus, Ave Maria for the central ceremony, and The Wedding March as a recessional.  The guests are often seated to a variety of meditative classical music. The 2on6.com videos page allows you to select Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music and listen to these songs.

Modern wedding ceremonies might replace classical music with popular songs.  When performed on classical guitar with the lyrics as melody above the chords, modern music can be just as beautiful and romantic as classical music. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles makes an excellent processional. The Elvis Presley classic I Can't Help Falling in Love or Thousand Years by Chritina Perry are beautiful songs for the bride or for mid-ceremony.  The Beatles All You Need Is Love, with it's trumpet fanfare introduction and well-known lyrical message is s superior recessional. YOu can hear all of these songs on the 2on6.com Modern Wedding Ceremony Music video page.

Personal song selections can make your wedding unique.  There are several things to consider when choosing popular songs for chord melody arrangement without the lyrics.  Not every vocal  melody makes a good instrumental melody.  Searching YouTube for the song title plus "solo guitar"  will often yield a video performance that you can use to judge how appropriate that song might be for your wedding ceremony. Key words "chord melody" or "fingerstyle" might uncover useful results as well.  Try this with Love Me Tender to start out, as there are many solo guitar videos for this popular song (which would also work well as a wedding ceremony choice).

Another way to personalize your wedding ceremony is to have a friend of the family sing a favorite song accompanied by your wedding guitarist.  Keep in mind that inexperienced singers will want to practice at home, then rehearse with the accompanist, and send you a recording of the rehearsal (an iPhone is works well for this) so that you can be sure everything is ready for your wedding day.

If you are choosing personal wedding songs, expect some additional cost and preparation time to allow the performers learn your arrange and rehearse your requests, and allow enough time for them to arrange and practice the music.  The sooner you can communicate your song selections to the musicians, the better the performance will be.

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