How I Make Guitar Videos

October First 2017 by Patrick Stefurak

     All of the guitar videos are filmed with an iPhone 6 on a tripod. The Gibson Chet Atkins guitar is plugged into the iPhone through two devices: a Helix floor pedal and a Sonic Port, both made by Line 6.

     There is a Boomerang III looper connected to the effects loop of the Helix.  The looper is mixed with the guitar signal inside the Helix, and both the loop and the guitar are recorded directly to the iPhone. The looper is always there whether I use it or not.

     The video from the iPhone is downloaded into a MacBook Pro and edited in iMovie to add titles if appropriate and to trim off unnecessary seconds from the beginning end of the video. Then the edited video is rendered to a file and compressed to 780 x 440 pixels at a constant quality setting of 20 using Handbrake.  This makes the file much smaller and easier to upload to YouTube.

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