Guitar or Organ for Your Wedding?

August 23 2017 by Patrick Stefurak

After you have chosen the songs you want performed during your wedding ceremony, consider the instruments you would like to play them.  The two most common choices are organ or guitar, and other choices are availabel as well.

2on6.com is all about solo guitar, so keep that in mind when I suggest guitar as the best choice!  Guitar and organ (or other keyboard instrument such as piano or synthesizer) are the only instruments that can play chords, so they are the best choices if you want a solo musician, which are usually less expensive than duos or groups, and even less expensive that a DJ.

A guitarist can use a battery-powered amplifier and wireless system to perform where there is no electricity.  Beaches, gazeebos, parks, roof-tops, boats and other locations without electricity are not a challenge for a guitarist.  A guitarist is able to stand with the instrument on a strap, and is therefore free to walk around the ceremony venue.  This eleiminates the need to stage an area for the musician to set up before the wedding.  It also allows the guitarist to entertain in front of guests as they are seated, and then move to the side as the wedding party enters.

A guitarist is appropriate for creating a romantic and modern wedding atmosphere.  Songs by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Christina Perry, or Van Halen will be well presented on solo guitar.

An organist creates a traditional Christian religious atmoshpere.  The organ music of Bach is epecially well suited to weddings, along with the Bridal Chorus and The Wedding March.  Organ music can also be performed on piano.  Both organ and piano are large instruments, so the venue for your wedding will need to have the instrument on site if you are choosing an organist.  Many churches have organs, and the person who rschedules events at the church will often be able to recommend an organsit to performs there.  

You could choose to have someone (a trusted guest or a DJ) play wedding songs from an iPhone at the appropriate time.  You might want to have this person at your rehearsal dinner.  You could use a Bluetooth-connected and battery-powered speaker system to play back music that is controlled from a smartphone.  On the YouTube channel for Patrick Stefurak, there are playlists for Traditional Wedding Music and Modern Wedding Music sequenced in an order useful for playback during a wedding ceremony.  Although you can start each song at the appropriate moment, only a live musician can tailor the length of the song so that it ends simultaneously with the bride arriving at the alter or just as a candle-lighting ceremony concludes.

Once you have decided on the style of music for your wedding (tradional or modern) and the instrument to perform it, the musician you select can help to guide you through the music planning for your wedding. Please click on the contact page for www.2on6.com and feel free to text or emai me with your concerns regarding music for your ceremony.  I'llbe happy to help even is you are not going to use a guitarist for the event.

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